Welcome to Sanctuary

Welcome to our salon!  When Sanctuary first opened its doors in 1997, we had a vision of what it would be: A warm and welcoming place, full of positivity and talented friendly people.  This isn't just a workplace for us.  It's home.  We love what we do, we love the people we do it for, and we love the people we work alongside every day.  We think you can feel that when you are in our salon.  Creativity flourishes here and artistic people work together to bring beauty, health and integrity to your hair. 

Let us show you your most beautiful self. Indulge your hair and experience the difference only Sanctuary can make.

I had been going to a salon where nobody greeted me, the stylist spent every visit talking about himself, and I wasn't blown away by my hair after paying waaay to much for it. At Sanctuary I always get a smile and warm geeting and my new stylist asks me about myself, my life, my kids.  Plus my hair is AMAZING!  BTW I pay much less here than I did there.

  - M Cooper

Cases pulled from our files of mishaps and triumphs.

We can do all things hair! From cuts, styles and up-dos to color, reconditioning and hair extensions.

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